Successfully Completed Projects:

Acoustic Silencer - Muffler (82db@ 1mtr) Design, Detailing & FEA Validation for Skyes Yakka through FABCO LLC Dubai

·         Design study for Vibration free, Reduced Noise level and Corrosion Resistant silencer for a 4`` inlet & sound level of 83dba@1mtr as per ASHRE TC 2.6.

·         Analytical design calculation and identification of specification for the muffler, tail pipe and related exhaust tubes/ducts

·         CAD Modelling and Detailing

·         Validate the design with CFD (Flow simulation) & FEA – Structural and Vibration/noise Analysis.

·         BOM generation & drafting of fabrication and assembly drawings.


HVAC design Consultation & Validation for the DAWA Centre for SaCEn – GIESC Saudi Arabia

·         The project envisage a high quality design with Design Optimization via CFD for optimum comfort

·         Generate Material Specification – Based on ASHRAE & SMACNA

·         Detailed load calculation - To keep a check on selected units such that they are not under or over capacity.

·         Conceptual design and preliminary drafting - For clear and concise reading of drawings by end user/site engineer.

·         Design optimization of duct on critical areas through CFD - For conducive and effective flow pattern

·         Simulating the air flow in room - To visualize exactly how the stream flow is distributed

·         Consultation on applicability of renewal energy concept and Energy management concepts

·         Generate Detailed HVAC drawing for equipment, ducts, pipes, grills, diffusers, exhaust ventilation etc. 


·         Load calculation report for each selected zones

·         Air conditioning and Ventilation Single Line drawing

·         Ventilation and Air conditioning Shop drawing in AutoCAD format

·         HVAC Consultation for the entire Project

·         Supply and Installation of HVAC

·         Commissioning and handing over


Clean Room Design & CFD Optimization for Saj Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd. India

·         Clean Room Design, Evaluations, Upgrades and Expansions

·         Filter Integrity Testing (HEPA Leak test)

·         Close-Tolerance Temperature & Humidity Control

·         Biohazard Level P-3 Clean rooms

·         Negative Air Pressure Clean Laboratories

·         CFD design and  Optimization for rooms and duct

·         Documentation and Consultation for Contracting

·         CAD Modelling (3d) generations in CATIA

·         BOM generation & drafting of fabrication and assembly drawings.


Soil - structure interaction of offshore wind farm structure with conventional and reinforced soil foundation for dept. of CUSAT

·         To study the response of the conventional offshore foundation using Finite Element Analysis

·         To predict the enhancement in the strength of the foundation with reinforced soils.

·         To analyses the dynamic response of the structure by consecutive waves hitting the structure.


Pipe Stress Analysis to determine stress are within the range allowed by the Piping Code for Institute of Plasma Research Govt of India

·         Piping stress analysis to evaluate the loads on one or more pipe supports.

·         Piping stress analysis to evaluate the movements of portions of the piping system due to thermal growth or contraction.

·         Piping Isometric Creations and definition of Guide supports & Pipe Flexural Analysis under various load conditions as per ASME Standard.


Steel Pipe rack Design for Saudi Aramco

·         The purpose of this project is to provide guidelines for steel piperack design foruse by engineers working on Saudi Aramco projects and Saudi Aramco engineers.

·         This design guide defines the minimum requirements for the design of piperacks in process industry facilities at Saudi Aramco sites.

·         It covers general design philosophy and requirements to be used in the analysis and design of piperacks.

·         Criteria presented herein pertain to loads, load combinations, allowable stresses, and superstructure and foundation design. Section 2 of this instruction includes reference codes, and Saudi Aramco Standards.

·         The entire project is done using Saudi Aramco Standards


Civil & Structural Design for Stack Support Foundation _ Karrena Arabia Ltd – Saudi Arabia

·         Design Calculations of RCC Foundation for Stack Structure as per ASCE 7-05

·         Design drawings of RCC Foundation

·         BOQ/MTO for RCC & Anchor Bolts


Burn pit Civil & Structural Design, Pipe design & detailing Uthmaniyah & Hawiyah Plant _ Saudi Aramco through SACAAP

·         Design and validation of Aboveground Flare and fuel pipe line

·         Piping flexibility analysis as per SAES and ASME B 31.3 /31.8

·         Pipe support redesign and validation withFEA

·         Pipe support civil design and structural calculations with Pipe spool drawings as per ASCE 7-05

·         Detailed RCC drawing with BBS for Burn Pit & Pipe supports

·         Burn pit civil structural design as per ASCE 7-05

·         FEA Thermal validation for RCC Structure of Burn Pit

·         Electricaland instrumentation design and detailing


Re-Design of Support Structure Foundation _ Karrena Arabia Ltd – Saudi Arabia

·         Civil Foundation (RCC) design validation for Baffle wall Support & Burner Supports.

·         Design Calculations of RCC Foundation for Stack Structure as per ASCE 7-10

·         3d CAD Modeling of Civil RCC Structure

·         FEA of RCC Structure for validation

·         Design drawings of RCC Foundation

·         BOQ/MTO for RCC & Anchor Bolts


Design & FEA of Horton Sphere for Hypersonic Wind Tunnel _ DRDL_ Hyderabad

·         Vacuum Vessel (Horton Sphere) design as per Section VIII Div.2 Part 4- Design By Rules

·         Petal Sizing & Configuration

·         Design By Analysis (Failure Analysis calculations):  Section VIII Div.2 Part 5

·         Weld Sizing : UW of Section VIII Div.1 and/or Div. 2

·         Selection of Relief Valves and Safety Valves Section VIII Div.2

·         Design of supports, bracing sizing with final vessel configuration

·         3d CAD model generation for manufacturing &FEA.

·         FEA as per Load Combinations in ASME Section VIII Div.2 Table 5.1

·         Static structural analysis under self-weight & dead loads

·         Thermal Structural Coupled Analysis under design &operating conditions

·         Wind Load Analysis

·         Modal Analysis of the pre-stressed model

·         Seismic Analysis – Response spectrum Analysis

·         Failure Analysis – Buckling

·         Fatigue Failure Analysis for temperature cycles – life cycle evaluation


Steel Structure Design & RCC Foundation design for Sphere & Piping _ DRDL_ Hyderabad

·         Design & Analysis of Steel Super Structure

·         Wind load analysis as per IS 875-3 / ASCE-7-10

·         Seismic analysis as per IS 1893 / ASCE-7-10

·         Evaluation of fundamental frequency & check for Resonance

·         Design Calculations of RCC Foundation under self-weight, wind load & seismic loads as per IS/ ASCE

·         Base Plate, Bolt & Pedestal Design calculations

·         Footing Design calculations & Check for stability

·         Design of Reinforcements

·         Detail drawings of Base Plate & RCC Foundation with BBS

·         FEA validation of Support under following loading conditions

·         Design Calculations of scaffolding with appropriate member sizing

·         Design Calculations with prescribed loading conditions- Live and Dead Loads

·         Design calculations for the scaffolding foundations

·         Design calculations for walkaways/working platforms/Ladders


Design, Flexibility Analysis & CFD of Wind tunnel piping _ DRDL_ Hyderabad

·         Interconnecting Duct Sizing & Flexibility Analysis

·         Thickness calculation of the interconnecting piping system

·         Piping Flexibility check of the interconnecting piping as per ASME

·         Stress Analysis with CAESER

·         Piping Configuration for effective flow profile –CFD

·         Perforated Duct Design & CFD Validation

·         Design of perforated duct - sizing & layout of perforations

·         2d & 3d Modeling (Surface model-CAD) for Flow analysis

·         CFD Optimization of perforated duct for uniform flow distribution

·         CFD validation of perforated duct against flow induced vibration or surge

·         Bellow Design, Sizing& FEA Validation

·         Bellow Design as per EJMA

·         Axial & lateral movement check

·         Bellow Stress Analysis under pressure & deflection loads

·         Circumferential Membrane stress evaluation, Membrane & Bending Stress Evaluation

·         In plane Stability check & Fatigue Life evaluation

·         FEA Validation under Horton Sphere Operating / Wind conditions


Heat Exchanger Design & Analysis _ DRDL_ Hyderabad

·         Thermo-mechanical Design of Heat exchanger as per TEMA

·         Thermal calculations for the Tube Side & shell side

·         Hydraulic Analysis of the Tube Side & Shell Side

·         Mechanical Design & Validation as per TEMA

·         Stress Evaluation and validation as per ASME Sec Viii Div 1

·         3d Modeling in CATIA

·         Detailing with AutoCAD


Thermo Mechanical Analysis of Hot Plate- Ingen Robotics Pvt Ltd Trivandrum

·         Thermal Mapping- Conduction, Convection & Radiation study

·         Thermal design and selection of insulators

·         Thermal Structural Coupled Analysis

·         Fatigue Evaluation of the Hot Plate

·         Design modeling & detailing


Design & RPT of Inertia Reel Cord Mechanism- Cycloids Inc Canada

·         Design of Inertia Reel Cord mechanism

·         Elastic Limit Calculations for cord

·         Calculations for the drum- reliability, Tightening force calculations

·         Spring Design & sizing

·         Mechanism definition and DMU Rotary drum and cord under tensile force

·         Product Development with Rapid prototyping technology


Design Review of Transit generator HVAC & Liquid cooling system- Flexgen USA / TAALTech

·         Thermal sizing of heat exchanger / radiator

·         Cooling system design review

·         Design modeling review & recommendations

·         HVAC System conceptual & detail design

·         Heat load evaluations, Duct lay outing & modeling

·         Selection of equipment & controls & monitor


FEA Validation of Thermal Shroud Container Assembly _ ISRO Bangalore

·         CAD model generation for FEA.

·         FEA Static structural analysis under self-weight & dead loads during lifting condition from a virtual point on crane.

·         FEA Static structural analysis under self-weight & dead loads during hanging condition in Chamber.

·         Validation of weld size around the lugs

·         Evaluate stress and deformation and check whether under limits and evaluate FOS / Utility factors as required

·         Project Report documentation with all details of analysis


Seismic - Structural Analysis of Steel Structure _ FEA Validation – Magnatech LLC Dubai

·         CAD Modeling (3D) for FEA of Platform 4 as per input drawing

·         Structural Analysis (FEA) of Platform 4 to validate for structural integrity against Dead load, Live load & Seismic load

·         Design Modifications & Validation with FEA

·         Detailed drawings & Project Documentations for manufacturing


Design & Consultation of HVAC for Orell TechnoSystems Pvt Ltd. Cochin, Kerala

·         Design of HVAC with IVRF type air conditioning for the office space

·         Design validation with CFD analysis

·         Design Optimization with CFD analysis for possible duct configuration for uniform flow profile and minimum pressure loss.

·         Project Documentation, Preparation of Bill of quantities.

·         HVAC shop drawing, Commissioning & Handing over


ASME Code Validation Design for Cold Walled Controlled Atmosphere Brazing Furnace and FEA substantiation: ASME Sec Viii Div 1 for Baba Atomic Research Centre, Govt. of India

·         Design Substantiation as per ASME Section 8 Div 1 UG & UW

·         Thickness summary & nozzle summary evaluation

·         Flange design & Validation

·         Double walled Vessel buckling substantiation

·         Stiffener optimization & weld ability check

·         FEM Validation - Static Analysis, Non-linear Buckling & Response Spectrum Analysis as per ASCE 7

Design of INTF Vacuum Vessel and FEA validation as per ASME for Institute of Plasma Research Govt of India

The biggest vacuum vessel in ASIA for ITER INDIA- Designed & validated with FEA by AAPL


·         Detailed design, modelling, Design Substantiation as per ASME Section Viii Div. 1 & 2

·         Thickness summary & nozzle summary evaluation

·         Flange design & Validation

·         Large Flange design & support design validation

·         Stiffener optimization & weld ability check

·         FEM Validation – Thermal - Static Coupled Analysis, Seismic Analysis, Non-linear Buckling analysis 


·         Acoustic Enclosures with Max. Capacity of 60T are to be lifted by mechanical cranes from their bottom side with lug attachment which tends to the need for the design of spreader bar structures to avoid falling of sling over the container which may be resulted the failure in lifting of the container as well as structural damage to the container.

·         Design and analysis of Spreader Bar used to satisfy the above mentioned purpose. The overall dimensions of the Enclosure and the Capacity have been provided by the client.

·         Forces and moments on critical section with appropriate safety factor included

·         Selection and Classification of section

·         Check for shear strength & Check for bending capacity

·         Check for vertical and horizontal deflection

·         Check for web bearing and buckling at supports

Piping and Pipe flexibility Analysis- Validation and modification of LBE Piping Loop. Design Modifications, Routing modifications advised: ASME 31.3 for Baba Atomic Research Centre.

·         Basic Stress and flexibility

·         Modal and Harmonic Analysis under critical damping

·         Seismic RS under Ahmedabad FRS and ASCE 7

3d Modelling & Detailing of Lact & Gas Metering Skids for Yanbu Steel Company through YSC Engineering Services Trivandrum

·         Engineering of metering skids (Lact & Gas metering skid) for Shell stones FPSO.

·         Final Piping & Structural MTO

·         Final, updated 3D model & review file

·         Piping Isometrics drawings for all lines in the skids in PDF & Native format

·         Detailed fabrication drawings for both skids including all structural members

LBE Piping Support Design & FEA Validation with Seismic & RS analysis for Baba Atomic Research Centre

·         Generate FE model from the CAD model of the support

·         FEA thermal analysis for temperature loads

·         FEA structural coupled analysis with pressure and gravity loads acting on the support as per design load conditions

·         Seismic and response spectrum analysis for piping & support system

·         Static Seismic Analysis of piping system for seismic loading as per B31E / ASCE 7

·         Validation of Static Analysis with Response Spectrum Analysis as per ASCE 7

Vacuum Chamber Design Modification and FEA Validation for Institute of Plasma Research Govt of India

·         Thermal structural coupled analysis for to identify hot spot generation

·         Design modification for hot spot removal

·         Re-validation with FEA - Thermal structural coupled analysis of Vacuum Chamber with modified ribs within the outer and inner drum for better thermal properties around the ports

Thermal Analysis of Heating Chamber (Radiation model) of Electro transport system for Institute of Plasma Research Govt of India

·         Transient Thermal analysis (Radiation model) to get the temperature plots.

·         Heat flux distribution at the area of interest

·         Identify Temperature plot at vessel surface and hot zone

·         The requirement is to do radiation based thermal analysis of heating chamber and components using FEA. The specimen is at 2000oC and is surrounded by 7 shields, all placed within a vacuum chamber.


Flow Simulation CFD & Structure - thermal - Vibration Coupled FEM Analysis of Waste Heat Boiler Pipe- Duct-MC Assembly for Tasnee Petro Chem Kingdom of Saudi Arabia- Sacen/GIESC

·         Scope-CFD - Analysis of RA & GT Duct, Mixing Chamber Assembly

·         Remodelling the existing geometry and to run the solver to see the actual. Advice better plates as guide vanes

·         Remodelling with plates both longitudinal and transverse and to run the solver. To alter the plate design

·         Better design of guide vanes/plates and to run the solver

·         1.2 Scope FEA-1 – Analysis of Guide Plate Assembly

·         Validate the Guide Plate Assembly (GPA) structure under operating pressure – Static Structure Analysis

·         Vibration study of Guide Plate Assembly (GPA) structure under operating pressures – Modal Analysis

·         Validate the Guide Plate Assembly (GPA) structure under operating temperature – Coupled Analysis

·         1.3 Scope- FEA-2 - Analysis of RA Duct Assembly under Pressure Difference

·         Validate RA Duct under Pressure Difference (Atmospheric - Operating) loads

·         Redesign complete support system with stiffeners and thermal elongation leverage for structural rigidity


Static Stress Analysis of Acoustic Enclosure Cummins /KOC / Shell – ZPS for Skyes Yakka through FABCO LLC Dubai

·         The design is validated for static structural loading for its self-weight and external loading. Analytical calculation is carried out and the results of the same are verified with Finite Element Analysis with CATIA – GSA & ANSYS – WB.

·         The design may be further optimized for vibration generated due to the operation of the generator set with FE Non Linear Analysis.

·         ASTM E1704 - 95(2010) Standard Guide for Specifying Acoustical Performance of Sound-Isolating Enclosures.

·         Acoustical Society of America (ASA)

Enclosure Redesign & Validation for Skyes Yakka through Fabco LLC Dubai

·         Redesign the existing enclosure as per the problem statement and suggest suitable Strengthening mechanism– (Analytical Design)

·         Re-modelling in CATIA as per the existing and new design and pre-processing for FEA

·         Validate the design with ANSYS WB (FEA) – Structural & Vibration Analysis

·         Generate drawing for fabrication of strengthening member

Enclosure Stacking & Lifting Load Calculation, Lifting lug design & FEA validation For Skyes Yakka through Fabco LLC Dubai

·         Design modelling of the enclosure as per the dwg file and check the sustainability of stacking.

·         Identify the lifting strength and substantiate for single point lifting

·         Analytically evaluate the loads and stress developed at resting and lifting position.

·         Validate the design with FEA structural and modal analysis - Sub cases:

·         As per client model (dwg file) with 3 lifting tubes

·         Modified model with 3 lifting tubes provided with Strengthening pads and C-section stiffener plates

·         Modified model with 2 lifting tubes and pads / stiffener plates

·         Design a single point lifting by using a lug

·         Validate the design with FEA structural and modal analysis


Flow Analysis CHT/CFD & Thermal Analysis of Vacuum Chamber (Radiation model) for Baba Atomic Research Centre

·         Transient Thermal analysis (Radiation model) to get the temperature plots.

·         Heat flux distribution at the area of interest

·         Identify Temperature value at vessel inner surface

·         CFD / CHT analysis to identify the coolant flow rate based on temperature generated from FEA radiation.

Static structural Analysis & Fatigue analysis of Goose neck support & mud gas separator for AMS Marine group-Singapore

·         3D Modelling and Detailing using DSS CATIA Platform

·         Static structural analysis with dynamic loading and to find the stress distribution on the structure,

·         Bolt - pre-tension calculations, calculations and validations for hoop stress, fatigue analysis and weld analysis.

·         Fatigue analysis of mud gas separator to find out the life assessment, maximum and minimum principal stress acting on the structure.

Finite Element Analysis of a water storage tank for AQUA TECH, Cochin

·         Static Structural Analysis of the modelled tank

·         Design Optimization(Parameters) for minimal stress development

·         The project includes 3D model generation of the domain with all details,

·         Pre-processing and FEA procedure so as to obtain the stress/displacement plots,

·         Project Documentation,

·         Optimization –Selection of parameters (geometry and Material),

·         Appropriate parameter definition parameter optimization using FEM.

Pipe Stress/Flexibility as per ASME 31.3 Support piping for the VT Vacuum Main assembly. BARC Mumbai/V Tech

·         Basic Stress and flexibility

·         Modal and Harmonic Analysis under critical damping

·         Seismic RS under Ahmedabad FRS and ASCE 7

FEA of an ID Fan Impeller for a high tuned design for TLT Babcock India

·         The FEA is done on the following platforms to determine the various performance parameters.

·         Stress analysis at 705 rpm at 110°F. The maximum Von-Mises stress must be less than 75% of the yield stress of ASTM 514 grade E at 110°F.

·         Modal analysis at slung as well as operating condition at 70°F. Modal exclusion zones: - the rotor shall not have natural frequencies within 90% to 110% & 95% to 105% of operating speeds.

·         No excitable frequencies in the range of 97% to 103% of the blade passing frequency.

·         2nd nodal diameter mode should avoid the range of 5.0 to 7.0 times the operating speed, if possible.

API Codal validation and Finite Element Substantiation of Storage Tank for shell course replacement MIS Arabia Kingdom of Saudi Arabia through SACAAP

·         Analytical Calculations for Shell Cut-out for replacement Purpose as per API 650

·         Area Reinforcement Calculations for the cut outs made temporarily

·         3D Modelling and Pre-processing for FEM Validation for the model with cut-outs defined as per Codal calculation

·         Static Structural FEA of the model with cut-outs for self-weight at atmospheric conditions